About Programmingwave.com

This is a small site written by me in my spare time. It doesn’t really accomplish anything besides existing at present, but I plan to eventually put various computer programming resources up.


Version 0.x

The 0.x versions were the result of my very first forays into web development. They consisted of two or three pages linked by a single ‘page list’, which was a simple list of links. None of it was worth anything to anyone but me.

Version 1.x

The 1.x versions were written in an abused version of PHP/HTML, with an actual navbar (in eye-scarring blue and green) at the top and bottom of pages. There was a small amount of content, but little of it was of any quality.

Version 2.0

For literally years, version 2.0 was in limbo, as a ‘plan’, awaiting first a software license, then an upgrade to server-side software, then me to figure out how to make Joomla! work. It never panned out, and I scrapped my initial plan for it.

The actual 2.0 was a Bootstrap-based largely static site, with some (now properly used) PHP remaining.

The blog post for the launch of 2.0 is here.

Version 2.1

After a few months of working with the un-templated static version of the site, I decided that templating was needed. To satisfy this, I switched to Jekyll and used its Liquid-based templating system. As a bonus, I was able to eliminate Wordpress from the site and staticify the blog.

The blog post for the launch of 2.1 is here.